Iristrace Changelog

Action Plans. How to create & use them

Start with defining one or more action plan templates. This action plan template will be used to create follow-up action items. If you have more than one, the user will be able to select which action plan template to use for each action. Our recommendation is to keep these templates short and quick to complete. The following video shows an example of how the template editor is used to create an action plan. Note that the template needs to get

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April’s 2019 Update! (v2.0)

In this post, you have the list of the new features of Iristrace for the mobile & web version of the April’s 2019 update. We will start with the details of the new version of Iristrace for mobile and tablet. New look! When you update your application, you can change to the new look from the app’s own menu. You will have an option that says ‘New app’ from which you can access the new Iristrace look. You will be able

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