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Iristrace is a young and fast growing Dutch/Spanish company with a fresh approach to managing enterprise audits and compliance programs, using mobile devices, in order to turn business risks into business value. We have recently been selected to join the SAP.iO acceleration programme in Berlin as one of the most promising GRC start-ups in Europe.

Iristrace proudly delivers to the leading hotels of the world, global retailers, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, such as food, consumer products and automotive. Are you the impatient and quality driven mobile expert that really understands user experience and is able to deliver cool technology together with amazing design? We’re looking for a curious and globally oriented mind to join a winning team to drive unprecedented levels of innovation.

Our platform puts people at the centre, and brings together information from across the enterprise and from connected devices and systems. Iristrace aims at making controls available just in time, context driven, at the user’s fingertips, to perform mission critical controls and checks, to share information and collaborate on making operations safer and on delivering a better customer experience. We offer a work environment based on trust and responsibility.

Working in Iristrace Sales & MKT team, will provide you the opportunity to gain professional experience in an innovative startup B2B sales process. You will play an important role in the growth of Iristrace, through researching key industries and nurturing our database with target accounts to support our Sales team.

Your duties

  • Enrich and update Iristrace’ database of target accounts.
  • Analyze company information and extract relevant information.
  • Segment the database of target companies into Iristrace’ framework.
  • Ensure accuracy of database.
  • Support marketing and sales when required.


  • Good organizational skills and detail oriented.
  • Able to work accurately and efficiently.
  • Intrinsically motivated and able to work autonomously.
  • Experience with Excel.
  • Result and quality oriented.
  • Fluent in English.


  • Remunerated Internship.
  • Work experience in an international team.
  • Exposure to Hubspot and SAP.io.
  • Fresh fruit, walnuts and hazelnuts and unlimited coffee
  • Beautiful office in a town called Ibi (Alicante)
  • Possible to convert in a fix position after the internship.

Send your CV & Linkedin profile to: hola [ @ ] iristrace.com

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